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  • Tell all your collectors what you can afford with just a few clicks
  • Set up plans without ever picking up the phone
  • See what payment offers have worked for others
  • Get nearly instant approval from our verified collectors

Negotiate payments with your collectors

Tell your collectors what you can afford to pay with just a few clicks.

Track your progress

After you send an offer, we'll help you negotiate until you reach an agreement.

Resolve your debt and set up payments

We'll guide you through setting up payments with your collector and send you reminders before the due date.

Other Features

Investigate debts you don't recognize

Stop calls from aggressive collectors

Consult our experts at every step

Thank you for helping me stop calls and resolve my debts. Through your efforts, I made agreements to have all of my debts paid in a few months. Your emails to my collector helped me receive an offer for 75% off of the original debt.
D'edra Engage user since August '19
Before Engage, my collectors wouldn't even listen to me. They harassed me. You stopped the calls, and set up payments. They are fine to work with since you got involved. What I've seen you doing, it's the first thing I've ever seen like it.
Chris Engage user since October '19

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